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Congratulation to our winning Members March 5 - 13, 2016
Congratulation to our winning Members March 5 - 13, 2016
Congratulations to our 2016 winning Members!

Nancy Deibert - 2 blue and a yellow ribbon for her horticulture entries.

Gina Gleason - a red ribbon for her horticulture entry.

Mary Paul - 2 blue and 1 red ribbon for her horticulture entries.

Johanna Schoeller - a blue ribbon for her small niche.

Judy Sheppard - 2 blue, 2 red and 2 yellow ribbons for her Wardian Cases.  

  *Judy also received a PHS Ribbon presented to the highest scoring blue-ribbon entry having two or more varieties.
Janet Welsh - won a variety of ribbons.  So many, that she’s still tallying them up!
Nanci Walsh - 1 blue and 5 red ribbons for her horticulture entries.

Special recognition to Johanna Schoeller 

who was awarded the prestigious GCA Certificate of Excellence Award for "an exhibit of great distinction in a competitive class at a major flower show." 

Only one person receives this award and it is given only every other year.  

Congratulations Johanna!


Congratulations to 

Gina Gleason, Lynn Betz and Donna Schuman!

Great job ladies.   Thanks for making HVGC proud!