Huntingdon Valley Garden Club

Founded 1925

Horticulture shows
Horticulture Rules (revised 7/14)

1. Plants should be groomed and entry cards completed before
taking the entry to the Passing table. The exhibitor should
remain with her entry until it has been passed. The exhibit
will then be staged where it is to be judged by a committee
2. Plants must be well groomed and containers clean before
exhibiting. A plant not suitable for judging shall be placed
in an “exhibition only” class.
3. All entries, unless otherwise stated, must be grown by the
exhibitor for a minimum of three (3) months.
4. Three entries of different varieties are allowed in each
division of a class.
5. Anyone wishing to exhibit horticulture other than the
scheduled class may do so in the Par Class.
6. All specimens in a collection must be labeled individually.
7. Container grown plants, grown primarily for foliage, shall
be classified as such even when in bloom.
8. Double potting is permitted. Top dressing should cover the
rim of the inner pot so that the entry appears to be in a
single pot.

HVGC 2017-2018 Horticulture Shows

  All Flower Show entries in place and passed by 10:15 AM

October 3, 2017 - Home of Kelly Asplundh


1. Single Stem Rose
2. Single Stem Aster or Chrysanthemum

3. Single Stem Dahlia

4. Single Stem Annual or Perennial

5. Other bulbs, corms, rhizomes or tubers.  No Dahlias

6. Berried or Fruited Branch, not to exceed 24" in any direction

a. Ilex
b. other

7. Shrub/Tree, single branch grown for foliage, not to exceed 24”
8. Evergreen, single branch, not to exceed 24” in any direction

a. Needleleaf
b. Broadleaf

9. Herbs, collection of 3 or more, keycard or label permitted
10. Ornamental Grass – 3 stems of a single variety

a. Variegated
b. Other

11. Flower/Stalk bearing seed head(s), fresh or dried
12. Best of My Garden-a collection, 3 or more herbaceous varieties, arranged for effect in 

a single container.
13. Novice Class: Open to any member of HVGC who has never won a blue 

ribbon in our club horticulture division classes.  Single cut specimen of a flowering annual, biennial, perennial, tree or shrub. Tree or shrub branch not to exceed 24” in any direction. Refer to Horticulture Rule #4


14. Vegetable (single variety) exhibited on a white paper plate supplied by HVGC

a. Large (1 specimen)
b. Medium (5 specimens)

15. Best of My Garden, a collection of 3 or more varieties, arranged for effect in the exhibitor's container.

FROM KITCHEN TO GARDEN - Each class must contain at least one named ingredient from your garden

16. Preserved fruit or vegetable.  Exhibitor to provide three identical jars that have been sealed and covered using standard canning techniques.  One jar will be opened for a taste.

17. Herbed Vinegar.  One bottle of herbed vinegar.

18. Soup, Sauce, Salsa.  One container of either, fresh or preserved.


19. Herbs, a collection of 3 or more varieties, in a single container. Keycard required.
20. Flowering, Pot 4” and over
21. Foliage, Pot 4” and over
22. Topiary or trained plant
23. Terrarium or Wardian Case
24. Trough, planted with 3 or more different species or cultivars of rooted plants
25. Par Class
NOTE: Classes 20, 21, 22 and 25 are eligible for the Gubb Trophy

June 5, 2018 - Huntingdon Valley Country Club


1. Floribunda Rose, single stem
2. Climber Rose, single stem
3. Shrub Rose, single stem
4. Any other Rose, single stem
5. Collection of 3 different named roses
6. Single stem Perennial

                         7. Flowering Vine single stem, not to exceed 24”

a. Clematis
b. Other

8. Hosta, 3-10 varieties
9. Native

a. Perennial

b. Shrub/Tree not to exceed 24” in any direction

10. Single Branch not to exceed 24” in any direction

a. Flowering
b. Budding

c. Foliage

11. Ferns, 3-10 varieties
12. Best of my Garden-a collection of 3 or more varieties,arranged for effect 

in a single container.


13. Small Wonder – pot 3” or under
14. Flowering Plant – no limitation on size of pot
15. Foliage Plant – no limitation on size of pot
16. Orchid
17. Cactus or Succulent
18. Challenge Plant (Classes 18a & b are eligible for the Budd Trophy)

a. Distributed in October of 2017

b. Any other HVGC Challenge Plant

19. Parent and Child – a specimen plant and one offspring that has been propagated from the mature plant. To be shown together in separate containers, neither of which to exceed 8”. The parent must be indicated and the method and date of propagation for the child on entry card.

20. Propagation: Grown by exhibitor. Date of propagation and method must be 

on entry card.

a. Seed

b. Cutting

c. Other

21. Par Class
22. Container Garden - Planted at the April 2018 Meeting/Workshop. Key card or labeled photograph required.